Since, when I was a little kid, my grandmother usually told me the fictional stories and from childhood, the connection with fiction stories was build up and as age increases, the craziness increases in the same manner and I spend most of my time in reading fictional stories and it’s like a hobby for me. As years passed, I became more passionate so at last, I decided that I created a website with my friends to share my thoughts, information, and views about fictional stories & poems and also grasp from you. Our Website publishes exclusive “short-form fiction and poetry” by established as well as from new writers.

Now, the question is that “What is Fictional writing” but before answering that question, firstly we know about Fiction, It’s the form of any work that deal with the events or information (either in part or in whole) that are not real or I can say that are theoretical or imaginary which invented by the author. The term Fiction is generally refers in particular to short-stories and novels. Now the term Fictional writing, it is the composition of non-real or I can say not factual texts. Fiction also contrasts with non-fiction, which deals with descriptions, events, factual, observations etc.

Fictional Writing is an art of writing a story to entertain and also helpful to convey useful information from an author’s point of view. Today, the Fictional writing is also used to increase awareness among the people through drama or screenplay. There are different types of fictional writing styles which include novella, short story, drama, novel or screenplay. As a single person is known for its unique writing style similarly there are also different types of authors for different writing styles which include screenwriters, short story writers, novelists, dramatists and playwrights.

Now, as a painter uses line and colour to draw or create a painting, in the same way every author uses five elements of fiction to create either a short or a long story. These elements are:

  • Character: It is any entity, identity, personal or person whose existence originates through fictional performance or work.
  • Plot: A storyline or plot would be the rendering along with ordering from the events along with the actions of a story, particularly to your achievement involving some unique artistic as well as emotional impact.
  • Setting: It is the location as well as the time in which author’s creation i.e. story takes place.
  • Theme: It includes the lesson, message or I can say broad idea of a story.
  • Style: It incorporates the large number of choices that fiction writers make, consciously or perhaps subconsciously. They enclose the strategic choices, big-pictures such as narrator and point of view, nevertheless they also range from the tone, word usage, the use of imagery, titles, nitty-gritty, punctuation, paragraph length and it’s structure, tactical choices of grammar, chapter selection and so on. In the procedure of writing a tale or a story, these options combine to become the writer’s words, her or his own unique style.