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It’s been a long 12 months, and before we kick 2018 to the curb, we’re looking back at all of the most memorable, game-changing fashion and beauty things that went down. Follow along with us as we look back at the year in review.

Every December, we comb through the year’s newsstand to chart how diversity and inclusion have been reflected on the covers of the leading U.S. fashion magazines. Looking back on 2017 last December, we were disappointed to report that diversity on the covers of 10 major titles — Allure, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Vogue, and W — saw a slight decline as compared to the year before: 48 of 153 covers — 31.4 percent — featured people of color*, a 4 percent dip from the numbers we reported in 2016. 

But in 2016, there was progress to celebrate: Those same publications (substituting Marie Claire for Nylon, as this was prior to the latter’s print closure) saw 52 of 147 covers — 35.4 percent — starring people of color*. In 2015 and 2014, 19.7 and 19.8 percent of covers, respectively, starred people of color*.

So, how would 2018 stack up? Perhaps the September issues — which we don’t normally analyze on their own — were a promising sign, with 54.5 percent of covers featuring people of color*, a 32.3 percent increase from 2017.

Indeed, they were. But before we get into this year’s data, a few notes: For consistency’s sake, we reviewed the covers of nine of the same titles we looked at in 2017, but due to Teen Vogue ceasing print operations, we omitted it altogether. As with previous years, we focused only on domestic fashion magazines, rather than independent or international titles, as well as on newsstand covers, rather than subscriber ones (which may have featured different cover stars). Finally, we’ve included a footnote at the bottom of this article explaining how we’ve categorized “nonwhite*” for the purpose of this story.

Of all the covers we reviewed this year, we found that 62 of 128 covers — 48.4 percent — starred people of color*, a record 17 percent jump from 2017. That’s higher than any increase we’ve seen in the five years we’ve compiled this report; the second highest, from 2015 to 2016, came in at 15.7 percent.

InStyle saw the most diversity this year: TheLaura Brown-led publication featured people of color* on 75.0 percent of its issues.Allure and Glamour (the latter of which announced the folding of its print edition in November) came next, both with nine of its 14 covers — 64.3 percent — starring people of color*. This was closely followed by Cosmopolitan, with six of its 13 — 46.2 percent — and W, with seven of its 16 — 43.8 percent. VogueMarie ClaireElle and Harper’s Bazaar comprised the bottom four, in that order. While Elle and Harper’s Bazaar saw slight increases in their own cover diversity as compared to 2017, Vogue and Marie Claire remained stagnant with 41.7 and 37.5 percent, respectively, in both 2018 and 2017. Meanwhile, InStyle saw the most improvement: In 2017, the publication featured just two nonwhite* covers and this year, upped it to nine. 

In terms of age diversity, Mia Farrow, 73, and Oprah, 64, covered Elle and InStyle, respectively; Angela Basset, 60, fronted both Allure and Elle in November. With size diversity, Glamour and InStyle put non-sample-size women like Melissa McCarthy and Chrissy Metz on their covers. And in regards to LGBTQ+ representation, openly transgender actress Daniela Vega shared W‘s Volume 1 cover with Robert Pattinson.

The magazine industry could clearly do better in those categories, and we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the stunning lack of Asian inclusion across the board — especially considering the landmark success (and incredible, high-fashion costumes) of “Crazy Rich Asians” in the box office and throughout popular culture. (As of September, the movie had grossed $165.7 million, making it the U.S.’s highest-grossing romantic comedy in 10 years.) As Fashionista Tyler McCall questioned in August: “‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is the kind of stunning summer blockbuster — coming out in August — that should land its stars major September covers.” And yet, she asked, where were they? “Fashion media should be tripping over themselves for these ladies!”  

Janelle Monáe, Zoë Kravitz, Camila Cabello, Nicole Kidman and Kendall Jenner racked up the most covers of the year with three each; of the “Instagirls,” Gigi and Bella Hadid walked away with two.

That 2018 saw significant strides being made in diversity while also marking the first year of a number of new editors in media (including Samantha Barry joining and relaunching Glamour) is likely not a coincidence. It’s no secret that the future of print magazines as we know them is, at best, quite precarious. But as these publications continue in the traditional format, we can rest assured knowing that diversity and inclusion appear to be a priority when it comes to selecting cover stars.

Below, review what 2018 looked like on the newsstand, as well as how these nine major U.S. magazines did compared to last year and the year before.


Nonwhite* domestic covers in 2018: 9/14 (Lupita Nyong’o, Adwoa Aboah, Sasha Lane, Soo Joo Park, Fei Fei Sun, Fernanda Ly, Janelle Monáe, Rihanna, Angela Bassett)
Nonwhite* domestic covers in 2017: 6/12 (Zendaya, Alicia Keys, Dilone/Imaan Hammam/Aamito Lagum shared cover, Zoë Kravitz, …

Black Tape For A Blue Girl – These Fleeting Moments (CD Album – Projekt)

Black Tape For A Blue Girl – These Fleeting Moments (CD Album – Projekt)

Genre/Influences: Dark-wave, cinematographic, dream-wave.

Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Background/Info: I realized that this year Black Tape For A Blue Girl celebrates its 30th anniversary. The American formation set and driven by Projekt owner Sam Rosenthal can look back at an impressive discography. We had to wait 3 years for this new work featuring 13 songs and mainly characterized by the ‘return’ of their former singer Oscar Herrera (after an absence of 17 years). The album also features a few guest artists like Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls).

Content: This band has always composed a unique sound accomplished by a deeply artistic approach. It’s nearly impossible to define the genre of Black Tape For A Blue Girl and it’s not that different with the new work. “These Fleeting Moments” takes the listener by the hand to travel throughout a beautiful sonic universe made of ambient passages and cinematographic impressions. It’s a kind of dark reverie, was composed of acoustic instruments and electronics. It sometimes moves into a ballad and quickly sounds sad and melancholic again.

Some tracks are driven by mysterious and somewhat Eastern-like atmospheres, like awakening the listener’s imagination. I also noticed somewhat psychedelic-like guitar parts and a few beautiful instrumental passages.

The vocals inject a real charisma to the work while female backing vocals by Dani Herrera creates a delicious ethereal effect and a perfect symbiosis with the male vocals.

+ + +: This album is an invitation to dream away and feels like a sweet caress filled with melancholia. It truly sounds like an artistic creation where electronics and authentic instruments create a delicious and enjoyable harmony. Some cinematographic passages have this magical power to awake your deepest hidden fantasies and I here especially would like to recommend “Please Don’t Go”. I also have to mention the opening cut, which is into pure magic, and the more mysterious “Meditation On The Skeleton”, which is an appropriate title to describe your inner feelings when listening to this work.

– – – : Speaking for myself I would have liked to hear more ethereal passages and especially female heavenly voices, which is totally appropriated to this kind of music.

Conclusion: Black Tape For A Blue Girl is an invitation to a dream featuring images and stories created by your own mind. It’s an intimate experience in sound and once more a beautiful album accomplished by this legendary formation.…

How to Properly Aerate and Seed Your Lawn

How to Properly Aerate and Seed Your Lawn

What is Aeration?

Everyone wants to have a green, healthy, and beautiful lawn. To achieve this, we have to learn how to take care of our gardens. It is important to aerate your lawn. So, what is aeration? Aeration is perforating the soil. These small holes will allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate and distribute well through the grass on your lawn. Aeration is good for the roots of your grass. It allows them to take a stronger grip on the soil. You need to aerate your lawn regularly for the health of your turf, and as good practice according to Lenard’s Lawn Care Services in Hampton Roads Virginia.

Why is Aeration Done?

The main reason aeration is essential is because of soil compaction. When soil gets compacted, it reduces the natural flow of air, water, and nutrients, preventing the proper growth of grass. This has a significant effect on the health and beauty of your lawn. Aeration is done to break this compaction. If aeration is poor, your laws will struggle with the stress caused by compaction. It will begin to thin out and die. Single aeration can make a massive difference in the health and quality of your lawn.

How Do I Tell If My Lawn Needs Aeration?

You need to aerate your lawn if the following things have happened.

• If your children use your lawn as a playground or people step on it regularly, you will need to aerate your lawn frequently. Human action and pets walking around your lawn leads to compaction

• If your lawn is on a newly built property, you will need to aerate your soil. Construction workers and equipment usually compact garden soil.

• If your lawn dries out quickly, you need to aerate it. There may be excess thatch. To find out, take a shovel, dig out a small patch of your lawn and measure the thickness of thatch. If it is more than half an inch thick, you should aerate it promptly.

How is Aeration Done?

Aeration is appropriately done using aerating equipment. If you own one, you can easily do this yourself. You can rent the equipment from your local lawn and garden store if you don’t own or have one. You can also hire a professional to aerate the soil for you.

There are three types of aerating machines. They vary in size, from small manual versions to large tractor-like and pull-behind models available. Your needs will determine the type and size of machine you use.

These types are:

• Spike aerators which poke a hole down in the soil with a solid spiky tine. Spike aerators have the singular disadvantage of making compaction worse around the holes they bore.

• Slicing aerators cut and slice through the grass and thatch straight into the soil. They leave the soil in the ground but create grooves that allow water air and nutrients to get through without compacting the soil further

• Core/Plug aerators use rows of hollow lines which remove plugs from the ground. These aerators bring plugs to the soil surface and break them down. Depending on the type of machine you use, the plugs will be of different.

To do aeration effectively, you will have to work back and forth just like you would when you mow. Give particular focus to problem areas. Make several passes to ensure that the aeration is thorough. After aeration, you will have to seed the lawn.

Preparing to seed your lawn.

Before you seed, you will have to determine whether the seed you have is right for the soil and current weather conditions. You will also choose a seed that is compatible with your current lawn. If seeding an existing lawn, identify the damaged spots, remove dead grass and loosen the soil. Spread the seed and rake it into the ground then mulch it. Water it as usual.

Seeding a new lawn

If you are planting a new lawn, you will have to remove debris like sticks and stones from your garden. Using a rake, you will then remove clumps of soil from your garden, and bring the soil to a level. You will add compost, topsoil, and fertilizer, then spread the seed evenly across the soil surface. To get the seed into the soil, rake it again. After that, mulch the garden with straw and cover the garden with a seed blanket. Later, water regularly until the lawn grows.

How To Play Bocce Ball

How To Play Bocce Ball

Bocce is a relaxing but challenging outdoor spring sport. It looks like baseball but it is a bit different from it. The tips provided here under can help you in playing this challenging game easily.

Be relaxed: Bocce is a causal game for gentlemen as it has been invented in Italy. It can be played at home, on a common yard or on a tournament court. So, while playing this game you should be relaxed and fashionable just by wearing jeans of your choice. It will keep your lower body free to implement the tips provided in this write-up.

Be familiar to the Jack: To play bocce ball first f all you will have to toss the Jack or pallino, the white ball known as bullseye in this game. You should try to put it as far as possible in the downcourt. Now let your opponents to toss their balls to knock you out or play around you.

Get your chance to win: You should avoid throwing the ball with an overhand as it is not a graceful way to play this game. Though everyone has his own style still you should throw the ball keeping your legs apart equal to the width of your shoulders, if you are a stander.

Give a chance to you: Actually, you should not throw the ball for the fences by holding it tightly in your hand. You should use your index finger and thumb to hold the ball gently in your hand like a small child to throw it close to the pallino.

Be a spin specialist: Initially you should act like playing on the pitch of softball with your palm in upward direction. But while playing the Bocce ball for the first time you should keep your palm down while throwing the ball around the pallino. It will give more spins to the ball and will allow it to stop very close to the pallino.

Bowl them over: When you know the ways to throw the bocce ball then it is important to start playing its first game, Puntata. In this game you will have to throw the ball rolling close to the ground on a clear path towards pallino. While rolling the ball your lower arm, from your elbow to forearm and wrist, should move like a pendulum and your head should be still and body well balanced. You should wear something relaxing like jeans to ensure the movement of the lower and upper arm in the necessary range.

Thus you can start playing Bocce ball.


Backyard Sports Club – Kick Ball Leagues Near Me

How To Make Money Selling Handmade Jewelry On Etsy

How To Make Money Selling Handmade Jewelry On Etsy

If you have plans to create and sell your jewelry design on the internet, Etsy is a popular online platform to start your business. After you’ve purchased your jewelry clasps from A Grain Of Sand, it’s now time to craft personal designs that you will sell and make money from in the future. Once you’re decided to sell handmade jewelry, the first thing you need to do is to create an account on Etsy.

As a crafter, your goal is to create unique designs that will stand out among the thousands of jewelry and accessories sold today. And since yours is handmade, you must produce high-quality items to make it in the open market. So, how do you create and sell your jewelry on one of the hottest online marketplace on the internet? Here are some tips to help you excell in selling your handmade jewelry designs.


Your creativity in producing unique and beautiful jewelry is one way to attract potential customers to check out your products. As a seller, you must make a good impression to draw more people to your online business. Since you are selling online, you need to come up with products that will catch the attention of prospective buyers.

Good Quality Photographs

Since willing buyers will pay for the items, your job is to provide clear photographs of your merchandise. Invest in a top-quality camera to help you take the best looking images of your products. As sellers, it is your responsibility to provide good photographs of your jewelry. Take as many photos as you can so you will have more options when you post them on your online store.

Clear Product Descriptions

Although some people don’t read product descriptions because they are familiar with the items, most buyers would love to gain more information about your merchandise. Provide clear and concise description about your products to create a good impression. Each product must have a quality content to help willing buyers to find the right item for them.

Ensure Fast and Good Communication with Customers

Most buyers prefer fast transactions since they are excited to purchase their desired items. Your goal is to provide fast and good communication so they don’t have to wait for your response. More often than not, you’ll get favorable response from potential buyers when you provide good communication.

Set the Right Price

Last and most important of all, set the right price for each and every item you sell on your online shop. If you’re starting your business, you can offer promotional such as introductory pricing. Since you are entering a new market, setting your prices low will help you attract potential buyers. Once you’ve established your market, it is now time to set the right price range. Never price your products out of the market to make sure you maintain loyal customers and new buyers.

Whether you’re a new crafter or a professional jewelry designer, selling jewelry on Etsy is a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. If you want to sell better, produce high-quality items with clear photographs and product description set at the right price.…

Business World – 29 January 2018 – 92NewsHDPlus

Business World – 29 January 2018 – 92NewsHDPlus
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Business Today – 14th November 2016 – Business News around the world

Business Today – 14th November 2016 – Business News around the world
Business Today – 14th November 2016 – Business News around the world.

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Business World- 16 February 2018 – 92NewsHDPlus

Business World- 16 February 2018 – 92NewsHDPlus
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